NewULife Review – Legit HGH Gel Product And Opportunity In 2019?

Welcome to another review this time I will be taking a look at NewULife Review!

This company is blowing up with a ton of buzz so I decided to check it out for myself to see if it’s legit.

What I need you to do is PAY close attention and read this to the end because I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan.

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Alright back to this NewULife Review…

What Is NewULife

NewULife Review

NewULife is a US based company that specializes in the health and wellness niche.

Unlike other network marketing companies, NewULife promotes a product that is completely unique and not found anywhere else.

They are into the anti-aging aspect of products hence why their product is a HGH Gel.

Company NewULife Review

NewULife was founded by Alex Goldstein who has a very impressive back ground.

According to his bio:

certified homeopath, herbalist, respected ideologist, nutritional consultant (and) creator of many exclusive formulas.

On top of that, he took his family business at 18:

Store owner by day, college student by night, Goldstein mastered and expanded his retail business.

Soon, he began researching the products he was selling and wondered if he could develop his own line to higher standards and answer particular customer needs.

After he graduated, Goldstein “went back to school” and became a Certified Homeopath and Certified Herbalist.

His new comprehensive knowledge of the human body, combined with insights gained from customer interactions, highlighted gaps in the marketplace.

This led him to launch Natural Life Foods, a line of natural, premium nutraceutical products the company retails online and in their California stores.

The beginning of what sprouted the rest of the phenomenal quality companies to follow.

All in all, very impressive…

Not many 18 year olds can pull that off (I was just a year out of high school).

Because this company is new, it didn’t make our top 30 mlm companies for that reason.

However, with more history and more feedback, I am sure it will hit that list.

Next is the product inside of this NewULife Review

NewULife Products

NewUlife HGH Gel

NewULife promotes a product called HGH Gel which stands for “homepathic human growth hormone”.

According to their website:

NewULife’s homeopathic HGH gel is the only transdermal, FDA registered human growth hormone product available without a prescription.

The molecular breakdown of HGH found in HGH gel is a synthetic USP human growth hormone (somatropin).

Real HGH Benefits

  • improved stamina
  • increased energy
  • improved sleep
  • vivid dreams
  • improved muscle definition
  • heightened libido
  • increased strength
  • significant weight loss
  • improved vision
  • enhanced focus
  • enhanced muscle mass
  • hair growth
  • PMS symptoms reduced
  • greater flexibility
  • healthier nails
  • improved joint mobility
  • increase in sexual desire
  • alleviation in some menopausal symptoms
  • greater improvements in skin texture and appearance
  • skin has greater elasticity
  • reduction of the appearance of wrinkles
  • hair becomes even healthier and thicker
  • cellulite greatly diminishes
  • improved immune system
  • pain & general soreness diminishes
  • wounds heal quicker
  • greater metabolic output
  • grayed hair returns to natural color
  • reduction in LDL cholesterol
  • blood pressure normalizes
  • heart rate improves

Just a reminder, that’s what REAL HGH does and not what this gel is claiming because it hasn’t been tested yet.

HGH Gel retails for $169.99 for a 3.5 oz (100 ml) pump bottle.

If this product works like the real stuff, it’s actually a bargain because real HGH can cost thousands of dollars per year.

Next, let’s check out the compensation plan inside of this NewULife review…

NewULife Compensation Plan

NewULife Compensation plan rewards members for both selling retail products to customers and sponsoring new business partners or reps.

NewULife Ranks

NewULife has seven ranks in total inside of their compensation plan.

Below is the complete break down and the qualifications needed to hit them:

  • Associate – Sign up and generate 140 PV over a rolling five-week period
  • Promoter – Maintain 140 PV over a five-week rolling period and recruit and maintain at least two Associates (one on either side of the binary team)
  • Coordinator – Maintain 140 PV over a five-week rolling period, recruit and maintain at least four Associates (two on both sides of the binary team) and generate 5000 GV in your weaker binary side (five weeks)
  • Coach – Maintain 140 PV over a five-week rolling period, recruit and maintain at least six Associates (three on both sides of the binary team) and generate 10,000 GV in your weaker binary side (five weeks)
  • Life Coach – Maintain 140 PV over a five-week rolling period, maintain at least six Associates (three on both sides of the binary team) and generate 20,000 GV in your weaker binary side (five weeks)
  • Ambassador – Maintain 140 PV over a five-week rolling period, recruit and maintain at least eight Associates and generate 50,000 GV in your weaker binary side (five weeks)
  • Diamond Ambassador – Maintain 140 PV over a five-week rolling period, recruit and Maintain at least ten Associates and generate 100,000 GV in your weaker binary side (five weeks)

NewULife Retail Commissions

When you sell the HGH gel at retail you can earn a $45 commission.

Now if your customer has an autoship, you get $25 commissions because their product is discounted.

Their larger retail commercial customer order will bring you a bigger $520 commission.

Sponsoring Commissions in NewULife

NewULife rewards you when you sponsor new members into your business who purchase a product pack:

  • Sponsor a standard affiliate ($199) and get paid $20
  • Sponsor a Pro Pack affiliate ($499) and get paid $60
  • Sponsor an Executive Pack affiliate ($899) and get paid $120

The residuals from those products look like this:

  • New standard affiliate = $20
  • New Pro Pack affiliate = $60
  • New Executive Pack affiliate = $120

Depending on your rank, you can even earn more:

  • Coaches are paid 20%
  • Life Coaches are paid 30%
  • Ambassadors are paid 30%
  • Diamond Ambassadors are paid 20%

NewULife Residual Commissions

Residuals are paid through a binary compensation plan.

NewULife has a 600/400 PV ratio when it matches both legs…

When the match happens, you earn a commission and any left over volume is carried over.

You rank will determine what kind of commissions you get:

  • Promoter and Coordinator affiliates earn $40 per cycle
  • Coach and higher ranked affiliates earn $60 per cycle

Overall, you can have 417 cycles per week.

NewULife Qualification For Residuals

In order to qualify to earn commissions in the binary, you must generate at least 140 PV for five weeks period (Coach and higher rank need 280 PV).

Another way you can do it is by sponsoring two people who generate 140 PV for five weeks.

Matching Bonus in NewULife

You can get a matching bonus through a unilevel compensation plan structure through seven levels.

  • Coordinator ranked affiliates earn a 10% match on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates)
  • Coach ranked affiliates each a 15% match on level 1 and 10% on level 2
  • Life Coach ranked affiliates earn a 15% match on level 1, 10% on level 2 and 5% on level 3
  • Ambassador ranked affiliates earn a 15% match on level 1, 10% match on level 2 and 5% on levels 3 and 4
  • Diamond Ambassador ranked affiliates earn a 15% match on level 1, 10% match on level 2 and 5% match on levels 3 to 7

Car Bonus

Coach rank or higher will get you a $700 per month car bonus.

However, if you hit Ambassador or higher, you can get $1500 per month…

Cost To Join NewULife

Basic membership will run you $199 and comes with one HGH Gel.

Pro Pack is $499 (4 bottles) and Executive Pack is $899 (8 bottles).

Now the moment you have been waiting for inside of this NewULife review…

Final Verdict

I know that real HGH has tons of real benefits, but not sure about this HGH Gel.

Best thing to do is to test it for yourself and see how it makes you feel…

Or better yet, apply the gel and a few hours later do a blood test and see if your HGH levels are higher (that would be the ultimate test).

This way you will know it’s not just a placebo effect…

I believe the company is headed in the right direction, once there is more feedback on the product, I will update the review…

As of right now, I rate this the following:  [yasr_overall_rating]

I hope you enjoyed my NewULife review and if you have questions, leave them below would love to hear from you.

Well, I guess it’s not “hear” from you but you know what I mean lol.

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