iCoin Pro Review – Legit Company or Scam? Find Out Here…

Welcome to my iCoin Pro Review!

I have been hearing some buzz about this company lately, so I figured I would check it out for myself!

There are so many online businesses out there and it can be difficult to figure out which ones are legit and which ones aren’t.

The aim of this blog is to provide you with all the info you need about the company, the products and the compensation plan so that you can make an informed decision.

So read on to learn everything you need to know about iCoin Pro!

iCoin Pro Review – The Company

iCoin Pro Review

iCoin Pro is in the cryptocurrency MLM niche and is based out of Texas:

The State of Texas is the place of the origin of this Contract and is where the Company accepted the offer of the Applicant to become a Distributor and where the Distributor entered into the Contract with the Company.

Spearheading iCoin Pro is Founder and CEO, Paul De Sousa.

Known for his dedicated leadership and training abilities to help others in the network marketing industry, along with his vast knowledge, understanding, and experience utilizing Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies in various capacities, nobody has more passion and enthusiasm for iCoinPro than our CEO, Paul De Sousa.

A quick look at De Sousa’s Facebook profile reveals that he is based out of Johannesburg, South Africa and has a long marketing history.

Since 2016, De Sousa has also been promoting a company called Gain Bitcoin.

iCoin Pro Reviews – The Products

iCoin Pro refers to themselves as a ‘source for education, information, and training on everything cryptocurrency.

From understanding Blockchain technology, and what different cryptocurrencies can be used for, to buying your first Bitcoin, and keeping you up to date on changes, news, and updates, iCoinPro is the most complete Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency training program available anywhere.

iCoin Pro offers online training through a $39.95 monthly membership.

The iCoinPro Compensation Plan

Affiliates who take part in the iCoinPro compensation plan can earn income based on their sales of the $39.95 membership to retail customers and sponsored affiliates.

In order to qualify for commissions, affiliates must generate a minimum of 40 PV a month (one $39.95 monthly subscription).

This minimum subscription can be purchased by the affiliate themselves or by a retail customer.

iCoin Pro Affiliate Ranks

iCoin Pro features 6 ranks within their compensation plan.

Each rank has its own respective qualification criteria, which is as follows:

  • Unranked Affiliate – Sign up as an iCoin Pro affiliate and be commission qualified
  • 1 Star – Sell at least three $39.95 monthly memberships to retail customers or personally sponsored affiliates
  • 2 Star – Maintain at least twenty $39.95 monthly memberships across your downline (includes personal sales, no more than eight counted from any one unilevel leg)
  • 3 Star – Maintain at least one hundred $39.95 monthly memberships across your downline (includes personal sales, no more than forty counted from any one unilevel leg)
  • Star Elite – Maintain at least five hundred $39.95 monthly memberships across your downline (includes personal sales, no more than two hundred counted from any one unilevel leg)
  • Star Presidential – Maintain at least five thousand $39.95 monthly memberships across your downline (includes personal sales, no more than two thousand counted from any one unilevel leg)

Powerline Commissions

Once an iCoin Pro affiliate or retail customer signs up, they are put in a straight-line queue.

Positions in the queue are filled in the order retail customers and affiliates sign up.

An iCoin Pro affiliate can earn on up to 5 Powerline positions underneath them.

There is a 3% commission that is paid out of the $39.95 monthly membership fee paid by affiliates and/or retail customers in these 5 positions.

Fast Start Bonus

When affiliates and retail customers sign up for the monthly membership, affiliates can earn a Fast Start Bonus.

This bonus is paid out on up to 5 levels of sponsorship (retail customers stop at level 1), and is based on the affiliate rank:

  • Unranked Affiliates earn $10 on level 1 (personally sponsored affiliates)
  • 1 Star – $15 on level 1 and $5 on level 2
  • 2 Star – $20 on level 1, $5 on level 2 and $3 on level 3
  • 3 Star – $25 on level 1, $5 on level 2, $3 on level 3, $2 on level 4 and $1 on level 5

A Fast Start override commission can also be earned by the first three 3 Star Elite and higher ranked upline affiliates:

  • First Star Elite upline affiliate earns $2 and the second and third earn $1
  • Three Star Presidential upline affiliates earn $1 each

Residual Commissions

iCoin Pro pays residual commissions through a 2×14 matrix.

A 2×14 matrix puts an affiliate at the top of a matrix that has 2 positions right under them.

These first 2 positions make up level one of the matrix and level two is created by adding another 2 positions under each of the first two, for a total of 4 positions.

Matrix levels 3 to 14 are created the same way, with every new level holding twice as many positions as the level above it.

Matrix positions are filled by affiliate and retail customer purchases of the $39.95 monthly membership, and the same Powerline structure is used as the one used to pay Powerline commissions (see above).

iCoin Pro matrix commissions are paid out as a percentage of the membership fees that are paid every month, like so:

  • Unranked Affiliates and 1 Star – 2% on levels 1 to 4 and 2.5% on levels 5 to 10
  • 2 Star – 2% on levels 1 to 4 and 2.5% on levels 5 to 12
  • 3 Star – 2.5% on levels 1 to 14

Matching Bonus

iCoin Pro also pays a matching bonus on downline matrix commissions through a unilevel compensation structure.

This type of compensation structure puts an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team that places each personally sponsored affiliate right underneath on level 1.

When a level 1 affiliate brings in new affiliates, they are put on the second level of the original affiliate’s unilevel team.

When a level 2 affiliate brings in new affiliates, they are put on the third level, and this continues on down as many levels as are needed.

The matching bonus is capped by iCoinPro at 6 unilevel levels.

The amount of levels that an affiliate can earn the matching bonus on depends on their rank:

  • Unranked Affiliates earn a 10% match on level 1 (personally sponsored affiliates)
  • 1 Star affiliates earn a 20% match on level 1
  • 2 Star affiliates earn a 30% match on level 1 and 10% match on level 2
  • 3 Star affiliates earn a 40% match on level 1, 10% match on levels 2 and 3 and 5% match on level 4
  • Star Elite affiliates earn a 50% match on level 1, 10% match on levels 2 and 3, 5% match on level 4 and 3% match on level 5
  • Star Presidential affiliates earn a 60% match on level 1, 10% match on levels 2 and 3, 5% match on level 4, 3% match on level 5 and 2% match on level 6

Cost To Join iCoin Pro

The cost to join iCoinPro as an affiliate is $40.

If an affiliate wants to self-qualify for commissions, they are required to also purchase a $39.95 monthly iCoin Pro membership.

Verdict on iCoin Pro

Overall, iCoin PRO is the only crytocurrency MLM that offers some kind of product/training to their members…

Also, the leadership running the company is solid and I know it will do really well.

What I recommend you doing is test out the product/training and see how much value it actually provides…

I hope you enjoyed my iCoin Pro review and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below…

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