1 Online Business Review – Legit Company or Another Scam?

Welcome to my 1 Online Business Review!

Someone actually approached me about this business opportunity so I decided to do my own research on it…

Chances are someone approached you about 1 Online Business and now you landed on this blog to make sure it’s actually legit.

The good news is I am going to walk you through the company, products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision.

Company Overview

1 online business review

1 Online Business for some reason doesn’t give you any information on who runs the company…

I did noticed if you just go to the website without a sponsor, you are automatically assigned to Jeff Long.

If you take a look at Jeff Long’s affiliate I.D, you will notice its “1” which indicates he was the first one to make an account.

The marketing video is hosted on YouTube and again is one Jeff Long’s channel.

What put icing on the cake was the 1 One Business domain “1onlinebusiness.com” was indeed registered by Jeff Long on July 12th, 2016.

A little bit of Jeff’s history, he launched a company called AutoXTen back in 2011, but went under a few months later.

His second  attempt was SMS Dailies which suffered the same fate…

Lastly, Get Paid Social was his latest company in 2015 but has been declining all throughout 2016 which probably triggered Jeff to launch 1 Online Business…

Let’s hope fourth time is a charm right?

Before we go further I just want to let you know unlike many of the 1 Online Business reviews out there, my intentions are not to bash this company.

However, I will not sugar coat anything either and tell you as it is…

Let’s keep digging…

1 Online Business Products

All great network marketing or make money online offers have a great product or service to help people…

For some reason, 1 Online Business has no retail products or services, but you can promote the actual 1 Online Business affiliate membership.

1 Online Business Compensation Plan

1 Online business compensation plan has three parts to it, a 3 tier cycler, getting paid to complete certain tasks and an investment scheme.

Commissions Through Cycler

Once you join 1 Online Business, you can purchase three separate positions in a 2×1 matrix.

Every time you cycle out of a matrix, you earn a commission.

Below you will find the complete breakdown on how this all works:

  • Gratitude Stage (Position cost $25) – $15 commission paid out and generates a new Gratitude Stage position
  • Associate Stage (Position cost $2) – $1 commission paid out and generates a new Associate Stage position
  • AssociateX (Position cost $250 annually) – $500 commission paid out and generates a new AssociateX Stage position

Referral commissions are paid when sponsored members cycle out of the Gratitude or Associate Stages and looks this like:

  • A Gratitude Stage cycle generates a $10 commission for the sponsoring an affiliate (first upline) and the affiliate who recruited them (2nd upline)
  • An Associate Stage cycle generates a $1 commission for the first and second upline affiliates


Completing Tasks

You can get paid to complete task inside of 1 Online Business.

It’s mostly posting on social media I noticed…

1 Online Business members can get up to 3 cents to 25 cents on completely these taks.

Once you reach $5 in total:

  • $3 is paid out to the affiliate who did the task
  • $1 is paid to the affiliate who recruited them and
  • $1 is paid to their second upline affiliate

Investment Payout

1 Online Business members deposit $25 to $250 on a promise of a $100 to $2000 ROI.

Cost To Join 1 Online Business

1 Online Business affiliate membership is free, but to be paid in their compensation plan you must pay for the following:

  • Gratitude Stage cycler position – $25
  • Associate Stage daily subscription (1 day) – $5
  • Associate Stage daily subscription (3 days) – $8
  • Associate Stage daily subscription (7 days) – $17
  • Associate Stage daily subscription (14 days) – $30
  • Associate Stage daily subscription (30 days) – $62
  • AssociateX annual subscription – $500
  • Investment scheme participation – $25 to $250

The moment you have been waiting for in this 1 Online Business review…

Verdict On 1 Online Business

Unlike all the other 1 Online business reviews out there, I want to be completely unbiased…

It’s sad to see Jeff launching another company like this that have no retail products and services and promising ROI’s…

Only way this company to be legit would be real products/services and the ROI’s are generated through external income sources coming into the company.

Because there are no proof of that, the money is being made by newly invested funds paying off existing members which makes this a ponzi scheme.

Anyway, that is what I see as of this review…

I hope you enjoyed my 1 Online Business review and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below…

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